About Us

Aiuken Cybersecurity is a Spain-based international company that safeguards major corporations, telecommunications systems and critical infrastructure. The company offers a full suite of cutting-edge services: detecting, identifying and protecting against cybernetic threats, responding to incidents, and implementing and managing the very latest in 24/7 security technologies.

The company operates in seven countries – Spain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Chile, Côte d'Ivoire and Puerto Rico – and has over 300 clients and 120 employees.

Press releases

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18.04.2023 • By Aiuken

Allurity acquires Aiuken Cybersecurity to create European cybersecurity...

Allurity has acquired Spanish multinational Aiuken Cybersecurity, as an important step in its journey to becoming Europe's leading cybersecurity... read more

22.09.2022 • By Aiuken